“CREOKS helped me understand my addiction and why I was self-medicating.” Doug – Okmulgee

“For the first time my son is communicating with his therapist. He cannot wait for sessions.” Karen – Wagoner

“Love my group sessions and how confidential they are even though I live in a small town. No gossiping and I am treated like an adult.” Carrie – Wagoner

“Everything is great. Emily has made a huge difference in the communication between me and my child. So glad to see that my therapist can do home visits.” Julie – Tulsa

“I like the flexibility. Our therapist came on Christmas Day because he had car trouble the day before. I was surprised to see him on a holidyay, but he showed up.” Dale – Sapulpa

“CREOKS helped me understand my addictions and why I was self medicating with alcohol. I have a¬†better relationship with my family and now have more confidence to live a sober life away from alcohol.” – Doug P.