School-Based Services
CREOKS EAGLE Initiative provides comprehensive school-based mental health and substance abuse services that help resolve issues that are creating difficulties in a student's life. Our services are geared towards promoting the student's emotional well-being and behavior, leading to enhanced school performance. CREOKS EAGLE staff serve as a liaison, facilitating a close working relationship between teachers, school staff and parents or caregivers.

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- Onsite appointments during the school day

- Improves behavior and school performance

- Strengthens family functioning

- Immediate, onsite assistance should a student be in-crisis

- Consistent appointments for faster and better results

- Parents or caregivers don't have to miss work

- Parents or caregivers are kept informed about students'

class behavior, peer relationships and academics

- Allows teachers more teaching time

- Reduces discipline problems and distractions from class work

- Improves behavior and school performance

- Less class time lost from external appointments and absences

- Families find schools a safe and convenient access point for services

- Reduces the stigma associated with mental health services

- Teachers and school staff can easily make referrals, resulting in early identification and treatment of child mental health conditions

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